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Żywiec Lake

Żywiec Lake was created by the damming of the Soła river in the 60s of the last century whose valley was divided by a dam. The southern end of the lake, located within the Żywiecka Valley, almost reaches the area of downtown Żywiec. The northern part of the lake (in the vicinity of the dam) occupies a narrow valley, cutting into the slopes of the Little Beskids. The Żywiec reservoir is used for producing energy, flood control and tourism and recreation.

Beskids & Cieszyn Silesia, Beskid Żywiecki
by the water, in the mountains
General information
: sailing, canoeing, windsurfing & kitesurfing
: whole year
Kind of equipment
: motor boat, rowing boat

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The church of St Mark in Żywiec is a little bit less known monument of the city. This building was erected in the second half of the nineteenth century on the site of an earlier wooden church. The most interesting and historic items of the equipment of that older church were transferred to the National Museum in Kraków. Inside the church of St Mark we can see a seventeenth-century sculpture, instead.Aside from the church, while visiting this part of this city, it is worth an old cemetery with a neo-Gothic chapel and tombstones of distinguished inhabitants.
The historic chapel and the wooden bell tower in Czernichów is one of the characteristic, sacral monuments of the Beskid landscape. The chapel dates from the eighteenth century. It is made of brick and covered with a roof of shingles. The wooden belfry is a post and beam construction, whose sloping walls are covered with wooden boards. The tower is protected with a shingled roof with a lantern, in which you can see a bell with an interesting history. From the side of the road, over the door, there is some space created for the chapel with a statue of the Virgin Mary.
In the village of Łodygowice near Żywiec there is a seventeenth-century church. It is located on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province. Originally, it was a chapel, which was enlarged in later centuries. The church was built in a log wall construction, with a shingle roof made of larch wood. The shrine has arcades, which in the past served as shelter for the pilgrims visiting it. It is one of the largest wooden churches in the Polish Beskids.
Józef Hulka, born 1926, is one of the most original and versatile Polish folk artists. He is painter, sculptor, builder of Christmas cribs and masks. He writes verse and prose. His works are in numerous national and international collections. The artist was honored with prestigious awards, including the prize named after Oskar Kolberg. His works can be seen in the museum, which is located in his home village of Łękawica.
In the north-eastern part of Żywiec, on the edge of the district called Moszczanica, there is manor complex, whose major part is a building dating from 1828. In 1934, a few months before his death, Marshal Józef Pilsudski visited the manor house. In recent years, there have been many ideas how to revitalize the object, which after years of the communist regime and several changes of its purpose, is in not in good state of preservation.
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