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The Adam Mickiewicz Theatre in Cieszyn

The today’s building of the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre in Cieszyn is from 1909-1910. It was erected by the Germanspeaking inhabitants for their needs. The original theater building built in the Art Nouveau and Eclectic styles perfectly blends in with the local urban layout. The activities of the theater are a continuation of earlier theatrical traditions in the city, which have been vividly developing since the second half of the eighteenth century

ulica Plac Teatralny 1
43-400 Cieszyn
Beskidy i Śląsk Cieszyński, Śląsk Cieszyński
w mieście
Informacje ogólne
: teatr
: 33 85 77 590
: 33 85 81 652
: whole year

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The Cieszyn Library is a municipal research library. It gathers collections connected to the regional literary heritage. The library also aims at creating a modern workshop for regional and bibliological research, and is involved in conducting some research on the literary tradition of Cieszyn Silesia. In the library, there are a few historic collections of books, published from the eighteenth to the twentieth century.
Głęboka Street in Cieszyn is considered the most important street of the city. It was laid out in the Middle Ages, as a link between the castle and the Piast market square. It was once called “Poland”, and later it changed its name several times. There are dozens of historical buildings in the street. They are mostly from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The most beautiful, richly decorated, neo-Renaissance building is the so-called German House, which now serves as a library.
At 2 Stary Targ Street (Old Market Street), there are two tourist attractions located next to each other. These are the Jerzy Wałga’s gunsmith workshop and the Chamber of the Cieszyn Masters. Jerzy Wałga is the last gunsmith who for decades has manufactured legendary hunting rifles - the so-called Cieszynka hunting rifles. In the Chamber there are masterpieces of Cieszyn craftsmen and artisans such as jewelers, lacemakers, stove builders, bookbinders, and others.
The Museum of Printing in Cieszyn was initiated in 1996. It is housed in a tenement house, at Głęboka Street, which is the most important street in the city. Its main organizer was Karol Franek, a printer fascinated with old machines and printing equipment. The museum’s motto is: "You will not find the deceased at the wall ...” This means that each machine is still operating, and you can see how it works. The museum presents all stages of traditional printing.
The Castle Hill in Cieszyn, located on the Olza river, is a small hill with steep slopes, situated in the center of Cieszyn. There are a few historic buildings worth mentioning on the hill, among others, remains of the ducal castle, a Romanesque rotunda of Saint Nicolas and a Classicist palace of the Hapsburgs. Besides the monuments, there is a romantic park with trees, which some of them are monuments of nature.
Saint Mary Magdalene’s Church in Cieszyn is a Gothic church. It was built in the thirteenth century and later rebuilt. At a time, the church belonged to the Dominicans, and then, its patroness was the Blessed Virgin Mary. During the Reformation, in the years 1544-1611, it was taken over by the Evangelicals, but in 1611, it was returned to the Catholics. From that time on, it was again in the hands of the Dominicans, who, however, left the city in 1789. It then became a parish church.
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