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  • Accommodation
    IZBA BOGDAN zaprasza narciarzy i miłośników turystyki górskiej do Jaworzynki w Beskidzie Śląskim.
  • Gastronomy
    Kruszyna Inn is located between Warsaw and Katowice in Wikłów, about 24 km from Czestochowa at the route DK-1.
  • Nature
    The Glinne Pass is located in the border ridge of the Beskid Mountains and separates the mountain group of Pilsko (in the west) from the Babiogórski Range (in the east). From the mid-nineteenth century to 2007, the Pass served as an important crossing point on the route, linking first Galicia with Hungary, then Poland with Slovakia. Tourists usually go past the Pass, while hiking along the Kazimierz Sosnowski Main Beskid Trail.
  • Cultural Heritage
    The Trijunction is a geographical point at which the borders of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia meet in Jaworzynka, a village in the southern part of the Silesian Beskids. In a short distance, in the three countries, there are three villages, which all can be visited in less than 3 hours. An attractive, picturesque region is a popular place for pleasant walks and longer hikes, during which the visitor has an opportunity to explore the border areas of the three countries, or even taste Polish, Czech and Slovak beer.