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  • Nature
    The massif of Wielka Rycerzowa (also called Bukowina), rising to a height of 1226 m above sea level, is part of the Wielka Racza range, located in Żywiec Beskids, on the southern edge of Silesia. The Polish-Slovak border runs over the top. To the north of the main summit there is a pass with a vast pasture land, behind which the lower peak of the massif called Mała Rycerzowa rises to a height of 1,207 m. Just below the pass there is a nice mountain hostel.
  • Actively
    Rycerka Górna
    Wielka Racza is a peak with a height of 1236 m above sea level. It is the highest point in this part of the Beskid Mountains called Worek Raczański. The Polish-Slovak border runs nearby. The mountain slopes covered with thick forests, some of which are protected as nature reserves and picturesque ridges with vast scenic openings make the massif of Wielka Racza one of the most beautiful areas of the Beskids. It is a favorite destination for backpackers who love long hikes. Just below the peak, there is a shelter and the hub of the trails, and on the very top - a viewing platform. On the Slovak side, on the slopes of the ridge extending from the top to the west, there is a ski station.
  • Nature
    Oszast, also called Oszusem or Oszustem, is a distinctive peak with a height of 1155 m above sea level. It lies in the mountain ridge that connects the massif of Wielka Rycerzowa with the area around the peak of Krawców Wierchów. The summit belongs to the Raczański range. In the remote area of Oszast, through which the Polish-Slovak border runs, there is an interesting patch of the primeval forest, which is a nature reserve. Over the top a Slovak trail leads along the border.