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  • Nature
    Mount Pilsko rises to 1557 meters above sea level. It is the second highest massif of the Żywiec Beskids (after Babia Góra). The flattened top has a few peaks. The Polish-Slovak border runs across the massif. The highest point belonging on the Polish side is 1542 m tall. It is called “Góra Pięciu Kopców”. The distinctive silhouette of Pilsko, visible from afar, has long attracted hikers, who have a network of interesting trails at their disposal. It is also the highest point in the Silesian voivodeship.
  • Cultural Heritage
    Although military operations did not take place in the Silesian and Żywiec Beskids, there are cemeteries, located in the mountain villages and towns, of soldiers killed in action or those who died in hospitals. One of the largest burial sites is a military sector in the graveyard in Rajcza. The soldiers who died in a field military hospital organized in the local palace of the Habsburgs are buried here.
  • Accommodation
    Obiekt oferuje pokoje 2, 3, 4 osobowe z łazienkami wyposażone są w telewizję.
  • Accommodation
    Pokoje 2,3,4,5 osobowe -domowa kuchnia -sala restauracyjna -piłkarzyki, rzutki, stół do tenisa